Our Projects

Local Governance and Community Development Programme (LGCDP)

Local Governance and Community Development Programme (LGCDP) is a national programme with an over-arching goal to contribute towards poverty reduction through inclusive, responsive and accountable local governance and participatory community-led development. In Sindhupalchok district, LGCDP is executed by the District Development Committee and is facilitated by Sindhu Utthan Kendra (SUK) Nepal in 10 VDCs since 16 July 2013. This is a national programme framework for improvement in local governance system and community development. It provides an overall framework for strengthening decentralization, devolution and improved local governance system for the effective delivery of basic services and the empowerment of citizens, especially women, children and Disadvantaged Groups (DAGs) and their institutions. Besides, LGCDP works in strengthening institutional framework for decentralization, devolution and community development.

The overall goal of the programme is to contribute towards poverty reduction through better local governance and community development. The goal of the programme is aligned with the national goals of the GoN's national plans and will contribute either directly or indirectly to their realization by empowering citizens and responding to their priority needs, while at the same time strengthening decentralized local governance systems, community development, infrastructure development, economic development and integrated service delivery.

Key Directions and Strategies
LGCDP has undergone a number of changes in focus and approach, and they are:
  • Accountability in Local Governance
  • Improved Social Mobilization
  • Focus on Service Delivery and Resource Mobilization
  • Emphasis on Local Economic Development and Livelihood Improvement Schemes
  • Increased Emphasis on PFM and Management of Fiduciary Risk
  • Preparing for a New System of Local Governance
  • Introduction of Environment Friendly Local Governance (EFLG)

SUK has contributed to achieve following outputs during its operation of the project (Output wise)

Output 1:
The Social Mobilization process has created more than 100 citizen institutions in 10 different VDCs of Sindhupalchok district, namely Ward Citizen Forum (WCF) and Citizen Awareness Center (CAC), of which 31,304 were WCFs and 13,040 were CACs. These citizen institutions are largely engaged in local planning, implementation, oversight and social transformational activities at the local level. A total of 1,00,000 citizens participated in local level planning processes.

Output 2:
The project has helped to establish and strengthen accountability at the local level by mobilizing local Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). Local Governance Accountability Facility (LGAF) has been internalized for the monitoring of compliance with legislative and policy requirements of local bodies. Till the end of current fiscal year, 100% VDCs have functional monitoring and supervision by the social mobilizers coordinator from Our organization. A compliance monitoring was conducted in 10 VDCs by Board Members of SUK.

Output 3:
The project focused on maximizing the grants and transfers from the DDC to the all of 10 VDCs. The WCF and CACs has been supporting to optimize own-source of local bodies. Cumulatively, 7 of WCF have been practicing integrated property and house-land tax systems till date. Similarly, 2 CAC have established revenue generation project to run the CAC and WCF well without any financial from DDC and related NGO.

Output 4:
There is significant contribution of the project activities to the local government as well. Before the elections of Local government the Social Mobilizers regularly supports to the ward and VDC offices in their particular villages. The SMs provide all kind of Advocacy and awareness services to the citizens from the local government office so that enhancement of the capacity of villagers were done locally. From these kinds of activities the ratio of child labor, women violence and crime rate reduced.