Our Projects

Mission Rebuild Nepal

Immediately after the Rescue and Relief Operations, Sindhu Utthan Kendra (SUK) in partnership with Mission Rebuild Nepal decided to rebuild one village in its entirety by building all destroyed houses. Sipapokhare was chosen for this cause which was one of the hardest hit villages in Sindhupachowk district, where all houses in the village were completely destroyed. After persistent hard work, financial support from donors and inspiration from our well wishers enabled us to accomplish the expected work.

SUK's strong volunteer mobilization initiative followed by technical input and guidance of Mission Rebuild Nepal, entire VDC (Sipapokhare) was rebuilt within six month of the earthquake. A total of 850 families were supported with temporary houses from 32 clusters/tole benefiting 4,005 individuals that included 2,802 adult (51% women) and 262 senior citizens and 116 single women. The main objective of this project was to use existing technology and available materials in safer and earthquake resistant way. This immediate response was well recognized and inspired by district government authorities. This project helps to build back permanent residence/houses in different VDCs of the district under Technology Demonstration Houses (TDHs) initiatives aiming to encourage replicable and increasing number of qualitative technician within the village.