Our Projects

Rural Development, Peace and Disaster Management Program

This is conceptual program developed recently for sustainable development of the rural places. It will focus in building infrastructure like school, health post, library, agriculture Centre, drinking water, orphanage, Chautari (gathering place),Ghat (burning place after death) etc.

A decade civil war of Nepal has effect Sindhupalchok most, so various program has to be develop and conduct to the people who were directly involved in the war. If we canít handle and manage this group wisely there is always changes of demoralization and feeling of excluded. This in run long harms our society in various ways.

Sindhupalchok is hilly district with a lot of natural calamities like land slide, flood, soil erosion etc. To minimize losses during such situation highly skilled expert team will be prepared for disaster management purpose. This team will conduct awareness and training campaign in the locality and school for precaution of such difficulties.